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K-upload is a free image hosting without a registration grouping a large community, the hosting of images and photos is done in a simple and fast way, you have just at first to choose a category among those offered to you Then press "add a picture" or directly drag it into the white box, press the "hosting" button and the game is played.
In addition to simplicity and speed, we We offer a wide range of formats, from animated gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp, tif, tiff, and png images. Regarding the weight of images to host, the still we leave you a big margin, offering you to host photos up to 30 MB per photo, thus avoiding any restrictions.
Hosting your images online quickly and easily on k-upload: an anonymous image hosting respecting your private life, accessible to all, requiring no registration and no commitment making it the best host of photos and images online; A hd image hosting that allows you to store and share without limit, so do not wait any longer and join the community.

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Image hosting without registration

Thanks to the k-upload host, you can easily, in a few clicks hosting images and photos in all simplicity. Our services do not require any prior commitment, you do not even need to register. The image and photo hosting we offer is easy to use and intuitive.

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Free Hosting

The image hosting you offer is totally free, allowing anyone who wishes to host their own photos and possibly share them afterwards thanks to the sharing link we give you: we offer you all Simply a free online storage space

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Storing safely

Our hoster allows you to store your images safely thanks to the reliability and stability of our servers, high-performance servers that will automatically create a backup of the images you host: we offer you an image hosting service fully secured.

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Private hosting

Our services guarantee you privacy, respect for your private life, images and photos remain visible only by the one who hosts them. The images you entrust us are private by default, after the image hosting, we will generate a link that is provided to you, only you will have knowledge of the latter, free to you to make your photos public sharing this link by after.

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Upload image & Share

The k-upload site is first and foremost an image host for forums, blogs, sites and social networks, so many media are taken into consideration so that you can share your photos with ease and without limitations: Are offered directly after having hosting image and photo, you just have to choose one of these links, one that corresponds to your expectations.

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Fast and Reliable Service

The upload of image service that we offer is first and foremost possible thanks to our servers which have been specially chosen to allow you a quality image hosting with efficient access and loading. The "Drag & Drop" technology will allow you to select and drag all your photos at the same time which allows a simple and fast image hosting.

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